JIC — Jump Starter and Portable Power Bank
  • Starts any engine
  • Charges different devices: laptops, smartphones, navigation systems

At the wheel

JIC will help if you find your car battery unexpectedly discharged.


Take JIC when you go hiking, fishing or hunting. It weighs 420 g and takes little space in your backpack.


You may put JIC in you hand luggage.
Operation temperature range: -20 ⁰C to +60 ⁰C

The power bank won’t break down if you leave it in the car in the heat or cold.

1000 recharge cycles

If you charge JIC every day, it will serve you for about 2.5 years.Its average lifespan is about 3–5 years. See the manual.

Holds a charge over a year
JIC loses just 2-5% of charge per month. Even if you don’t charge it for a year, it will keep the charge.
Fits in your pocket

Due to JIC’s small size and weight, it’s easy to put in a pocket or a small bag.

24-months warranty

We provide the longest warranty for our jump starters.

Protected against short-circuit

Built-in protection provides JIC smooth operation in case it is connected to the battery terminals improperly.

Built-in LED flashlight

Works as a normal flashlight strobe mode. It may submit a SOS signal. JIC has a multi-mode flashlight with normal, strobe and SOS signal modes.

Outlet USB-socket 5V/2Afor the 5V devices (the mobiles,mp3-players etc.)Power switch button(press briefly to turn the device on)Battery indicatorsLED-flashlightsThe starting device socketfor 12V power clampsOutlet socket for19V/3.5A (charges thetablet, notebook)Outlet socket 12V/10A forthe 12V devices (automaticrefrigerator etc.)Inlet socket for thedevice charging 15V/1A
160 mm75 mm29 mm12 000 mAh420 gAuto Power Off1 USB port


  • 3-10 cycles of phone charges
  • JIC starts gasoline engines with the capacity of up to 6 litres and diesel engines with the capacity of up to 3 litres

82.98 EUR

28 mm87 mm224 mm18 000 mAh610 gAuto Power Off2 USB port


  • 6-12 cycles of phone charges
  • JIC starts gasoline engines with the capacity of up to 7 litres and diesel engines with the capacity of up to 4 litres

99.98 EUR

Questions and answers

Which device should I choose?

If you travel without a car, buy JIC-12. It’s easier to carry around. JIC-18 can charge 2 USB-devices at the same time and start more powerful car.

Which device should I choose for my car?

They differ in weight and battery capacity. One charge cycle of JIC-18 is enough to start an engine up to 30 times, JIC-12 can be used to start an engine 10-20 times (see the manual.) They both can start almost any passenger car, a minivan,a motor boat or a snowmobile. JIC-18 can start a gasoline engine with the capacity of up to 7 litres or a diesel engine with the capacity of up to 4 litres. JIC-12 can start a gasoline engine with the capacity of up to 6 litres or a diesel engine with the capacity of up to 3 litres.

What do you mean by “protected against short circuit”?

JIC power banks are provided with built-in protection against short circuit. If you accidentally misconnect JIC to a car battery and try to start it, your JIC will be alright. You’ll need to switch terminals and try to start the battery again.

Which devices can I charge with JIC?

Almost any device. JIC kit includes USB, mini-USB or micro-USB adapters. If you need a custom adapter like the MagSafe for laptops, you can purchase it additionally.

What does the number of attempts to start the engine depend on?

It depends on several factors: the capacity, the type and the condition of the engine, the residual charge of the car battery and air temperature.

How does the Support work? When can I get the answer?

E-mail us Our expert will answer you within 2 hours, on any day, from 10:00 to 20:00, GMT+3.

JIC-12 – 82.98 EUR
JIC-18 – 99.98 EUR

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