JIC company sells the products and implies that in the event of proper use and maintenance these products will have no defects of materials and workmanship within 24 months from the date of sale (except in cases specified below).

This warranty covers only the consumers and, in particular, does not cover the retail trade enterprises, sellers, their agents and employees.

JIC company does not authorize anybody, including (but not limited to) the retail trade enterprises for subsequent purchase of the products from the retail trade enterprises or remote purchasing agents that bind JIC company with any obligations which are beyond the scope of the conditions stipulated by this document.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by: improper use of the products or their excessive use; an accident; making modifications in the products; connection of any unauthorized attachment to the products; improper use of electric power supply source which resulted in failure; loss of power supply; product fall or breakage; failure or damage of any operating part due to non-observance of maintenance regulation recommended by the manufacturer; interference in product operation or an attempt to modify it; unauthorized opening of products; transportation damage; theft; negligence of duties; vandalism; environmental conditions; unavailability to use the product when it is at the repair service plant or waiting for spare parts or repair; or any other conditions beyond the control of JIC company.

The present warranty is valid only if the product is operated in the country where it has been purchased. This warranty does not cover the products which (it can be operated in any other country different from the country they have been developed, approved and/or authorized for) require modification or adaptation. Moreover, this warranty does not cover the repair of products that have been damaged due to the above mentioned modifications.

This warranty does not cover purchase of opened, used, repaired, repacked and/or resealed products, including (but not limited to) sale of these products at the Internet-auctions and/or sale of these products in the form of surplus of goods or by the wholesale trade dealers. Any and all warranties in respect of any products or their constituent parts which will be repaired, replaced, changed or modified without preliminary direct consent of JIC company should be immediately become null and void and terminated.

Under any circumstances JIC company is not responsible for you or any third Party for any looses that can be suffered by you or any third Party due to deliberate or unintended use; or improper use of these products in combination with any devices, equipment or attachments, except for corresponding device or equipment these products are intended for. JIC company will be responsible for any damage that you or the third Party can incur due to above mentioned improper use of these products. If you take responsibility for use of these products together with any device not intended for it as well as for damages occurred due to such use then you agree to compensate any losses to JIC company connected with obligations arising in it towards any third Party.


This warranty begins from the date of sale and is valid within 24 months. Duration of any implied warranty of merchantability or suitability of these products for specific purpose is to be limited by the above mentioned warranty, i.e. 24 months from the date of sale.

If the spare parts for defective products are not available, JIC company reserves the right to replace the product for similar one instead of repair or spare parts replacement. Repayment of money is not provided. If JIC company finds out that the product is not a defective one, then this product will be sent back to the consumer at his own expense.

* The duration of the guarantee period in different countries can vary and depends on the laws of each country in which the product has been implemented.

AFTER-SALES SERVICE RECEIPT: retain copy of sales check and register your purchase at the address: jic.energy/register to activate warranty. Rejection to register your products and provide documents confirming the sale can result in warranty cancellation.

To receive after-sales service you should contact our specialist for JIC company clients servicing:

  • via E-mail: support@jic.energy
  • in online mode: jic.energy/support


Prior to communicating with a specialist make sure that you have wrote down model name and its serial number. Our specialist will explain how to return the defective products for after-sales service. JIC company is to be notified regarding a claim within warranty period in the written form, JIC company is to receive defective products within 10 days after the day when the consumer has notified it about claim occurrence.


  1. Absence of warranty certificate for the moment of product delivery for repair, improper, incomplete filling or availability of alterations which are not signed off by the Seller in the warranty certificate. Absence of the Purchaser’s signature in the warranty certificate.
  2. Serial number on the product is deleted or changed.
  3. User’s non-observance of the stipulated operating instructions and unintended use.
  4. In case of the product damage occurred due to climatic events or natural calamities, improper or neglectful transportation, non-observance of service instructions, improper storage, negligent handling, mechanical or chemical effect, use of low-quality operating consumables and expendables and those which do not conform to consumables and expendables specified in the accompanying documentation.
  5. If technical characteristics of the product are deteriorated due to its natural wear, including use of low-quality operating consumables and expendables and those which do not conform to consumables and expendables specified in the accompanying documentation, heavy use, overloading, including consumer-grade products used for commercial (professional) purposes, untimely or low-quality maintenance regardless quantity of worked hours and service life of a product.
  6. Previous repair or maintenance of a product has been performed improperly or by the unauthorized persons; there is no appropriate mark in the warranty certificate. Availability of dismantling signs or other design alterations not stipulated by documentation as well as factory-made adjustment disturbance. Use of not-original spare parts and attachment of the manufacturer. Provision of a product in disassembled state. Modification of a product in any way and by any means.
  7. In case of untimely notification about revealed failures, the Selling Company reserves the right to fulfill the laid claims in whole or in part.

To solve issues under warranty liability of the purchased product, which is a complex technical product, the Purchaser first of all is to contact with the Selling Company specified in the warranty certificate.

Responsibility for damage caused due to non-observation of this instruction will be incurred by the Purchaser to the full extent.

To activate the warranty, register JIC on our website.